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Andwise ‘Andy’ RoperSam’s rope-making uncle
‘Aldarion and Erendis’The tale of the Mariner’s Wife
Bow and HelmThe Two Captains of Amon Rûdh
Chronicle of Cirion and EorlThe story of the founding of Rohan
King of Gondor and ArnorA title given to Aragorn
Land of Bow and HelmThe land of the Two Captains
Last Alliance of Elves and MenThe mighty alliance between Gil-galad and Elendil
Lord and LadyA title for Celeborn and Galadriel
Lord of Arnor and GondorThe King of all the Dúnedain
Lord of the Ships and Havens of NúmenorA title held by King’s Heir Aldarion
Oath of Cirion and EorlThe oathtaking at the Tomb of Elendil
Old Words and Names in the ShireA work by Meriadoc Brandybuck
Power of Terror and of HateThe Dark Lord Morgoth
Queen of Elves and MenRoyal title of Arwen Evenstar
Song of the Sun and MoonThe Narsilion
AndaithAn accent-mark used when writing Tengwar
AndorThe Land of Gift
AndramThe Long Wall
AndrastThe peninsula of Ras Morthil
AndrathThe Greenway south from Bree
AndrógAn outlaw of Túrin’s band
AndrothRefuge of the Grey-elves of Mithrim
AndúniëThe shoreland city ruled by the ancestors of Elendil
AndúrilThe Flame of the West
AndustarThe Westlands of Númenor
Bay of AndúniëNorthernmost of the three bays of the Andustar
Cair AndrosThe ‘Ship of Long-foam
Cirith Forn en AndrathThe High Pass through the Misty Mountains
Ethir AnduinThe estuary of the Great River Anduin
Fords of AnduinThe crossings of ruined Osgiliath
House of the Lords of AndúniëThe line of descent of Elendil
Lord of AndúniëTitle of the ancestors of Elendil
Men of the Vales of AnduinThe Men who lived on the banks of the Great River
Mouths of AnduinThe wide estuary region known as the Ethir
River AnduinThe Great River
AerandirEärendil’s sea-wandering companion
AmandilNoble father of Elendil
AmandilEldest son and heir of Vardamir Nólimon
Amaranth BrandybuckA sister of Old Rory
AngbandThe Hells of Iron
ArandorThe Kingsland of Númenor
ArandurKing’s Servant’
Asphodel BrandybuckA daughter of Gorbadoc Brandybuck
Bandobras ‘Bullroarer’ TookVictor of the Battle of Greenfields
Battle of NanduhirionThe end of the War of the Dwarves and the Orcs
BeleriandThe Country of Balar
Berilac BrandybuckA cousin of Meriadoc
Black HandThe hand that first wore the Ring
Black LandMordor
BorthandOne of the three sons of Bór
BrandThe grandson of Bard the Bowman
Brandagamba FamilyThe Hobbit-name translated as ‘Brandybuck
BrandirThe last of the line of Haldad
Brandy HallThe seat of the Brandybuck family
Brandybuck FamilyThe descendants of Bucca of the Marish
Brandywine BridgeThe point where the East Road crossed the Brandywine
Bree-landThe land around the Bree-hill
Bree-landersThe Men and Hobbits who lived around the Bree-hill
Brown LandsThe ruined lands to the east of the Anduin
BucklandThe Eastmarch of the Shire
Buckland GateThe North Gate of the Bucklanders
BucklandersThe Hobbits of Buckland
Celandine BrandybuckA distant cousin of Merry Brandybuck
CelandinesYellow star-shaped flowers
Chronology of the WestlandsThe Tale of Years
CiryandilThird of the four Ship-kings of Gondor
Curse of MandosThe dreadful foretelling of the fate of the Noldor
Dark LandSauron’s domain of Mordor
Dark LandsThe lands to the east of the Great Sea
Deathless LandsThe Undying Lands beyond the Great Sea
Debatable LandThe northern marches of Nargothrond
Dinodas BrandybuckOne of Frodo’s uncles
Doderic BrandybuckA descendant of the Masters of Buckland
Dodinas BrandybuckA son of Master Gorbadoc
Doom of MandosThe Doomsman's Prophecy of the North
Doors of AngbandGateway to the domain of Morgoth
DownlandsThe hills of the Barrow-downs
Drúedain of BeleriandThe ancestral Woses of the First Age
DunlandThe wild land of the Dunlendings
East BeleriandThe lands between the Sirion and the Gelion
Eastlands of Middle-earthThe hostile and unknown East
Eastlands of NúmenorThe land known as the Orrostar
Elf of the WandThe origin of the name ‘Gandalf
ElvenlandThe realm of the Eldar in the West
Elves of BeleriandThe Eldar of Middle-earth in the Elder Days
Elves of LórinandThe people of the land later called Lórien
Elves of OssiriandThe Laiquendi
Elves of ThranduilThe Elves of the Wood
Empty LandsAn unknown region to the east of Middle-earth
Ephel BrandirThe stockade at the heart of Brethil
ErkenbrandLord of the Westfold of Rohan
Far-wandererAldarion’s vessel Palarran
Ferdibrand TookThe son of Ferdinand Took
Ferdinand TookA descendant of the Old Took
FolklandsThe traditional family lands of the Shire
GandalfThe Grey Pilgrim
Gate of AngbandThe doorway to Morgoth's fortress
Girdley IslandAn island in the River Brandywine
Gold-worm of AngbandA title of Glaurung, Father of Dragons
Gorbadoc ‘Broadbelt’ BrandybuckThe generous host of Brandy Hall
Gorbulas BrandybuckSon of Orgulas Brandybuck
Gorhendad Oldbuck (later Brandybuck)The founder of Buckland
Gormadoc ‘Deepdelver’ BrandybuckA partiarch of the Brandybuck clan
Great LandsAn old name for Middle-earth
Greenhand FamilyThe gardeners of Hobbiton
Grey WandererA title given to Gandalf
Halfred GreenhandA gardener of Hobbiton
Halls of MandosThe Houses of the Dead
HammerhandThe mighty fist of King Helm
HandirA Lord of the Men of Brethil
Heavy-handedA name among the Elves for the race of Men
Helm HammerhandThe last King of Rohan’s first line
HerubrandA warrior of Rohan
Hidden LandA name for Lórien in Gondor
High-captain of AngbandThe rank of the Balrog Gothmog
Hildibrand TookEighth child of the Old Took
Hither LandsThe lands east of the Great Sea
Hobbit-landsThe lands known to the Hobbits
Holman GreenhandOne of a long line of Hobbiton gardeners
Holman the greenhandedA distant ancestor of Sam Gamgee
Horn-call of BucklandThe alarm-call of the Shire’s Eastmarch
Ilberic BrandybuckThe second son of Seredic Brandybuck
Inland SeaA name for the Sea of Rhûn
Inland Sea of HelcarAn inland sea in the distant east of Middle-earth
InlandsThe Mittalmar of Númenor
Kalimac BrandagambaThe true name of Meriadoc Brandybuck
KhandAncient eastern ally of Sauron
King’s LandsThe personal domain of the King of Rohan
KingslandThe Arandor of Númenor
Lady of the WestlandsA title for Erendis, consort of Aldarion
Land of CaranthirThe land beyond the river Gelion
Land of GiftAndor, a name for the island of Númenor
Land of MistThe northern realm of Hithlum
Land of Seven RiversThe homeland of the Laiquendi
Land of ShadowThe domain of the Dark Lord
Land of the Dead that LiveThe island of Dor Firn-i-Guinar
Land of the ElvesThe land west of the Blue Mountains
Land of the HalflingsA name for the Shire
Land of the PrinceA region within Gondor
Land of the StarThe island home of the Númenóreans
Land of WillowsThe willow-woods of Nan-tathren
LandrovalThe brother of Gwaihir
LangstrandThe ‘long shore’ of Gondor
Lindórinand‘Vale of the Land of the Singers
Lone-landsThe wide lands of Eriador
Lord of BeleriandA title of Elu Thingol
LórinandAn old name for the land of Lórien
Mablung of the Heavy HandA captain of Doriath
Madoc ‘Proudneck’ BrandybuckSuccessor to Gormadoc the Deepdelver
MámandilA ‘shepherd’ of Emerië
MandosThe Doomsman of the Valar
Marmadas BrandybuckA distant relation of Meriadoc Brandybuck
Marmadoc Brandybuck ‘the Masterful’Grandson of Gormadoc the Deepdelver
Marroc BrandybuckThe third son of Gormadoc Brandybuck
Master of BucklandThe head of the Brandybuck family
Melilot BrandybuckDancer of the Springle-ring
Men of DunlandThe enemies of the Rohirrim
Mentha BrandybuckA distant descendant of Marmadoc the Masterful
Meriadoc ‘Merry’ BrandybuckCompanion of the Ring and later Master of Buckland
Merimac BrandybuckOld Rory’s younger son
Merimas BrandybuckThe eldest of Marmadas Brandybuck’s children
MithrandirGandalf, the Grey Wanderer
Nameless LandThe land of Sauron
NandorThe followers of Lenwë
NandorinThe tongue of the Nandor
NanduhirionThe Dimrill Dale
NorlandA poetic name for the northern lands
NortherlandThe northern regions of Middle-earth
NorthlandsThe northern regions of Middle-earth
Northlands of NúmenorThe region known as the Forostar
Old Púkel-landThe mountains of Andrast
Old Rory BrandybuckA common name for Rorimac the Master of Buckland
One-handA surname of Beren
Orgulas BrandybuckThe youngest son of Marmadoc the Masterful
OssiriandThe Land of Seven Rivers
Outer LandsA name for Middle-earth itself
PallandoOne of the two Ithryn Luin
Power of the Black LandThe Dark Lord of Mordor
Primula BrandybuckThe mother of Frodo Baggins
River BaranduinThe river called ‘Brandywine’ by the Shire-hobbits
River Branda-nînThe Hobbits’ name for the ‘Brandywine
River BrandywineThe eastern border-river of the Shire
River GlanduinThe river that flowed down into Swanfleet
RochandAn ancient form of the name Rohan
Rorimac ‘Goldfather’ BrandybuckMaster of Buckland at the time of Bilbo's Birthday Party
Ruin of BeleriandThe catastrophe of the Dagor Bragollach
Sadoc BrandybuckThe second son of Master Gormadoc
Salvia BrandybuckA granddaughter of Gormadoc the Deepdelver
SandastanThe Númenórean shield-barrier
Sandheaver FamilyOne of the Hobbit-families of the Bree-land
SandymanThe old miller of Hobbiton
Sandyman FamilyThe millers of Hobbiton
SangahyandoA descendant of the Usurper
Saradas BrandybuckA son of Gorbadoc Brandybuck
Saradoc ‘Scattergold’ BrandybuckThe father of Merry Brandybuck
Second Prophecy of MandosThe prophecy of the remaking of the World
Seredic BrandybuckA descendant of Master Gorbadoc
Siege of AngbandThe leaguer of the Noldor in the north
Silent LandThe land of Dor Dínen
Sindar of BeleriandThe Grey-elves west of the Blue Mountains

Related topics

Adaldrida BolgerThe mother of Gorbadoc Brandybuck
Adalgrim TookA grandfather of Peregrin Took
AmanThe Undying Lands
Amon ErebThe lonely hill of East Beleriand
An Unexpected PartyBilbo’s introduction to Thorin and Company
AnfalasA shoreland fief of Gondor
AnfauglithThe Gasping Dust north of Beleriand
AngrodBrother to Finrod and Galadriel
AnórienThe lands around Minas Tirith
Anson RoperThe son of Sam's Uncle Andy
ApesForest creatures from the southern lands
AradorThe grandfather of Aragorn
Aragorn ElessarSon of Arathorn, Heir of Isildur and King of the Reunited Kingdom of the Dúnedain
AramanThe northern lands beyond the Pelóri
AranelA title of Dior, and Erendis
ArchetForest village of Bree-land
ArodThe steed of Legolas and Gimli
ArvernienThe coastlands north of the Bay of Balar
AsphodelPale flowers of the woodland
AvatharA dark southern land of Aman
AxanturA great-grandson of Elros Tar-Minyatur
Baggins FamilyAn old and important family of Hobbiton
BarahirAuthor of ‘The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen
Bard IIThe great-grandson of Bard the Bowman
Base Master of TreacheryA title given by Gandalf to Sauron
Battle of DaleSauron's assault on Dale and Erebor
Battle of GreenfieldsBandobras Took’s defeat of invading Orcs
Battle of the BragollachThe Ruin of Beleriand
Battle of the HornburgThe battle between Rohan and Isengard beneath Helm’s Deep
Battle of the PeakGandalf’s battle on the peak of the Silvertine
Battle of the Pelennor FieldsThe siege and defence of Minas Tirith
Battle of the PowersThe ruin of Utumno and capture of Melkor
BelfalasA shoreland fief of Gondor
BëoriansThe first Men to enter Beleriand
BeornThe Skin-changer of the Vales of Anduin
BerenThe one-handed hero of the Quest of the Silmaril
BertOne of the three Trolls that waylaid Bilbo and his companions
Bilbo GamgeeOne of Sam Gamgee’s many sons and daughters
Blessed RealmThe Undying Lands west of the Great Sea
BobA hand at the Prancing Pony
Bree-folkThe Men and Hobbits of Bree
Bree-hillThe centrepoint of the Bree-land
Bree-hobbitsThe Hobbits of Staddle and the Bree-land
Bridge InnThe inn by the Brandywine Bridge
Bridge of StonebowsThe ancient name for the Brandywine Bridge
BridgefieldsThe lands west of the Brandywine Bridge
BroadbeltThe nickname of Gorbadoc Brandybuck
Buck HillThe hill that held Brandy Hall
BuckleburyA village on the banks of the Brandywine
Bucklebury FerryThe ferry across the Brandywine into Buckland
BullroarerTitle of Bandobras Took
Bywater RoadThe road to Bywater and beyond
CalacirianA region near the Pass of Light
CalenardhonThe rolling green land that became Rohan
CalimmacilA grandson of Telumehtar Umbardacil
CamlostThe Empty-handed
Captain of ShipsCommander of the navies of the Dúnedain
Captain of the Host of the WestCommander of the forces opposed to Sauron
Captain of the White TowerCommander of the forces of Minas Tirith
Carach AngrenThe pass between Gorgoroth and Udûn
CarrockThe rocky river-island named by Beorn
CelebríanThe daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel
CemendurMeneldil’s son and heir
CemendurGrandfather to Hallacar
CeorlThe errand-rider of Erkenbrand
ChetwoodThe wood of the Bree-land
Children of EarthThe Two Kindreds of Elves and Men
Children of EruElves and Men
Children of HúrinTúrin, Niënor and Lalaith
Children of IlúvatarElves and Men
Children of the WorldA term for Elves, and likely also for Men
CiryaherVictor over the southern lands
Club-footTúrin’s taunting name for Brandir
ColdfellsAn upland region north of Rivendell
CombeA village of the Bree-land
Common TongueThe Common Speech of the Westlands
CormallenThe golden land of Ithilien
Corsairs of UmbarPirates from the lands south of Gondor
CotmanThe grandfather of Farmer Cotton
CowsCattle and kine
CrickhollowA village of northern Buckland
Dark LordA title of Morgoth, and of his servant Sauron
Dead MarshesThe haunted marshlands beside the Battle Plain
DeepdelverThe nickname of Gormadoc Brandybuck
DeldúwathThe corrupted land of Dorthonion
Desolation of the DragonThe burned lands around Erebor
DimbarThe empty land beneath the Crissaegrim
Dimrill DaleThe valley of Nanduhirion
DírhaelNoble grandfather of Aragorn
Disaster of the Gladden FieldsThe loss of Isildur and his Bane
DogsCanine companions of Men and Elves
Doomsman of the ValarMandos, the harbinger of fate
Dor CaranthirThe wide lands of Caranthir the Dark
Dor DaedelothThe land of Morgoth
Dor DínenThe Silent Land
Dor Firn-i-GuinarLand of the Dead that Live
Dor-CúartholThe Land of Bow and Helm
Dor-en-ErnilLand of the Prince
Dor-nu-FauglithThe desert land north of Beleriand
DorthonionThe pine-forested highlands above Beleriand
Drúwaith IaurThe old land of the Púkel-men
DunlendishThe lost language of the Men of Dunland
Durin’s StoneThe standing stone beside the Mirrormere
DwimordeneGaladriel’s magical land
Eagle of the StarAragorn's alias in the southern lands
EärendurThe fifteenth Lord of Andúnië
EärendurThe second son of Tar-Amandil
EärwenThe mother of Finrod and Galadriel
East OsgiliathOsgiliath beyond Anduin
East-markThe lands of Rohan east of the Entwash
EastemnetThe eastern lands of Rohan
Eastfarthing of the ShireThe lands east of the Three-Farthing Stone
EastfoldThe lands of Rohan east of the Snowbourn
Eastmarch of the ShireThe region known as Buckland
Edge of the WildThe limit of the civilized lands
ElatanAncestor of the Lords of Andúnië
EldacarThe grandson of Isildur
EldacarThe deposed and restored King of Gondor
EldamarLands of the Elves in Aman
Eldar of ValinorThe Elves of the Undying Lands
ElendëThe lands of the Elves in Aman
ElendilFounder of Arnor and Gondor
ElennaThe island of Númenor
Elenna·nórëA name for the land of Númenor
ElephantsGiant beasts of the southern lands
EleventyOne hundred and ten
ElfhelmMarshal of the East-mark of Rohan
ElfinesseThe lands of the Elves
Elfstan FairbairnA grandson of Samwise Gamgee
ElladanBrother to Elrohir and Arwen
ElmoThe younger brother of Thingol and Olwë
ElmsTall trees of forest and field
ElvenesseThe lands of the Elves
ElvenhomeDistant land of the Elves
Elvenking’s HallsThe stronghold of the Woodland Realm
Elves of DoriathThe People of Thingol and Melian
Elves of Middle-earthThe Úmanyar and the Noldor who returned from Aman
Elves of MirkwoodThe Silvan followers of Thranduil and his kin
Elves of SirionThe last exiles of Gondolin and Doriath
Elves of the FalasThe coastland Elves of Beleriand
ElvishThe rich and ancient languages of the Elves
Emyn ArnenThe central uplands of Ithilien
Encircling SeaThe vast and bleak ocean that surrounded Arda
Endóre‘Middle Land’; a Quenya name for Middle-earth
EnedwaithThe wide and empty land between the Kingdoms of the Dúnedain
Enemy of SauronA title of Gandalf
Éomund of EastfoldThe father of Éomer and Éowyn
EorlingasThe followers of Eorl and his house
ÉothainA Rider under Éomer’s command
EradanSon and heir of Mardil Voronwë
EriadorThe Lone-lands
ErlingA son of Holman the greenhanded
Eryn VornThe wooded cape beneath the mouths of Baranduin
Esmeralda TookThe mother of Merry Brandybuck
Estella BolgerThe wife of Meriadoc Brandybuck
EvendimThe landscape of Annúminas
EverevenA land in the West of Arda
Evil BreathA dark wind out of Angband
Evil of the NorthMorgoth and his dark servants
Exiles of NúmenorA name for Elendil and his followers
FaerieThe lands of the Elves West of the Sea
Fall of GondolinThe ruin of the last stronghold of the Eldar in Beleriand
Falls of SirionSirion’s descent beneath the Andram
Far DownsThe western borderland of the Shire
Far HaradThe burning lands of the distant south
Faramir Took IThe son and heir to Thain Peregrin I
FarinGreat-grandfather to Gimli
FëanoriansFëanor and his followers
FengelThe grandfather of Théoden
FenmarchThe wetlands along the Mering Stream
Fens of SirionThe marshland of the Aelin-uial
Ferumbras Took IIThe elder brother of Bandobras the Bullroarer
Filibert BolgerHusband to Poppy Chubb-Baggins
FimbrethilTreebeard’s beloved Wandlimb
FingolfinSecond son and heir of Finwë
FírielA granddaughter of Samwise Gamgee
FirsHardy trees of the highlands
First AgeThe Age of the Wars of Beleriand
First BattleThe first great battle in the Wars of Beleriand
First Marshal of the RiddermarkCommander of the Muster of Edoras
Firth of DrengistThe landing-place of Fëanor in Middle-earth
Flame of AnorA power wielded by Gandalf
Flame of the WestAragorn's sword Andúril
Foe-hammerThe translated name of Gandalf’s sword Glamdring
FoldeA region of the King’s Lands of Rohan
Ford of CarrockA crossing of the upper Anduin
Forest under NightThe darkened highlands of Dorthonion
ForlindonThe lands of the Elves north of the Gulf of Lhûn
ForodwaithThe cold lands in the north of Middle-earth
ForostarThe Northlands of Númenor
Forsaken ElvesThe Eglath of Beleriand
Fosco BagginsOne of Frodo Baggins’ grandfathers
Four FarthingsThe Hobbit-lands west of the Brandywine
Fréaláf HildesonSuccessor to Helm Hammerhand
GaldorFather of Húrin and Huor
GalionButler to King Thranduil
Gap of RohanThe breach between the Misty Mountains and the White
Gate-keepersThe guards of the Brandywine Bridge
Gates of SirionSirion’s emergence from beneath the Andram

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