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I 470 - I 509.
Accounted King of Doriath from c.I 503
'Dior' probably means 'Successor'1; his surname 'Eluchíl' means 'Heir of Elu (Thingol)'
di'orr eloochee'l
(the final 'r' in 'Dior' should be pronounced (as shown by 'rr'), and the 'ch' in 'Eluchíl' is pronounced as in the Scots 'loch')


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The heir of Elu Thingol

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Grandson of King Elu Thingol, and son of Beren and Lúthien, he dwelt with them for a while in Tol Galen. After Thingol was slain by Dwarves in Menegroth, and his halls sacked by the host of Nogrod, Dior went to dwell there as King of Doriath, with his wife Nimloth. At the passing of Beren and Lúthien, the Silmaril that Lúthien had worn was brought to Dior in Menegroth. He was assailed by the Sons of Fëanor, who laid claim to the jewel for themselves, and was slain in the final Ruin of Doriath.



That is, successor to Thingol his grandfather. (The History of Middle-earth Volume 5, The Lost Road and Other Writings III The Etymologies).

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