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Born in Ossiriand before the Ruin of Doriath, in about the year I 500
Half-elven, counted among the Elves
Primarily Sindar1


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The spouse of Eärendil

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The daughter of Dior Eluchíl and wife of Eärendil the Mariner. Through the power of Ulmo she escaped the destruction of the Havens of Sirion in the form of a white bird, and came to her husband on the Sea with a Silmaril on her breast.



Elwing's mother Nimloth had, as far as we know, pure Sindarin blood. The line of her father Dior, though, contained other strains; his grandmother Melian had been a Maia, and his father Beren was a mortal Man. Working back to her great-grandparents, Elwing was actually five-eighths Sinda, one quarter Mortal and one eighth Maia.


Elwing's name, 'Star-spray' comes from the starlight glinting on the waterfall of Lanthir Lamath, at her father's house in Ossiriand, on the night she was born.

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