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Late First Age; known to have been extant during the voyage of Eärendil between I 538 and I 542
Probably a Man1
[eye]ra'ndeer ('[eye]' represents the sound of the English word 'eye)
'Sea wanderer'


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Eärendil’s sea-wandering companion

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One of the three mariners who sailed the oceans with Eärendil. With his companions Erellont and Falathar, he was aboard the famed ship Vingilot when it travelled into the West and carried Eärendil and Elwing to Aman. Those two were allowed to remain because of their Elvish blood. Aerandir and his companions, however, were not permitted to remain West of the Sea, and were returned into the east by the Valar. The name Aerandir comes from the Elvish for 'Sea-wanderer'.



We're not told specifically whether Eärendil's companions were Men or Elves, and in principle they might have belonged the either race. Their reluctance to step ashore onto the Undying Lands, however, strongly suggests that they were Mortals rather than Elves.

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