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Havens began to be established here from I 508; destroyed at the end of the First Age
At the outflow of Sirion into the Bay of Balar, on the bay's northeastern coasts
Settled by Elves and Men of many cultures
Fed by the waters of Sirion flowing from Eithel Sirion in the far North
Into the Bay of Balar
Sirion is pronounced 'si'rion'
Sirion means 'great river'


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Mouths of Sirion

Haven of the Exiles of Gondolin

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Map of the Mouths of Sirion

The delta of the River Sirion, where it flowed into the Bay of Balar. After the destruction of the lands of Doriath and Gondolin, many of their people gathered here, and dwelt under the lordship of Eärendil.

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