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Hidden People

Dwellers in the Hidden City

The followers of Turgon son of Fingolfin, who secretly followed their lord into a forgotten valley within the Encircling Mountains, where they occupied the Hidden City of Gondolin. Neither friends nor foes knew where Turgon's people had gone, but it was hoped among the Eldar and their allies that they would reappear in a time of dire need. Their hope was fulfilled when Turgon led the army of the Hidden People to fight alongside Elves and Men in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, but when that war ended in disaster only Huor's bravery allowed the Gondolindrim to return to their secret city.

The Hidden People did not remain hidden forever. Through the treachery of Turgon's nephew Maeglin, Morgoth discovered the hidden valley that held Gondolin, and launched a terrible assault. Turgon was slain in that attack, and Gondolin was destroyed, but many of the Hidden People escaped from the ruin and came to the refuges at the Mouths of Sirion.

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