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Built in I 534 or soon beforehand;1 landed in Aman in I 542, and continues to the sail the sky bearing the Star of Eärendil
Set out from the Mouths of Sirion to sail the Great Sea and eventually come to the shores of Aman
Built by Eärendil with the aid of Círdan
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The ship of Eärendil

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'Foam-flower', the ship in which Eärendil sailed to Valinor across the Great Sea, which was hallowed by the Valar and afterwards sailed the airs.



Specifically, I 534 was the year that Eärendil began his voyages into the West, so he must have built Vingilot by this date. We can't be sure exactly when he started work on the ship, or how long it took to construct, but it seems unlikely that it would be more than a year or two before this date.

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