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King of Doriath

The royal title of Thingol and his Heir

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Thingol and his heir Dior. Names of the Kings of Doriath are shown in bold text.

The title of two Elf-lords of the Sindar, who ruled the kingdom of Doriath for many centuries from its foundation long before the beginning of the First Age to its destruction at the hands of the Sons of Fëanor.

I Elu Thingol The founder of Doriath with his queen, Melian. He was lord there for millennia, and in that time his realm was protected from foes by the Girdle of Melian. Thingol was slain by Dwarves in approximately I 502, and Melian departed from the realm. He was succeeded by his grandson, the son of his daughter Lúthien.
II Dior Eluchíl After Thingol's death he came to Menegroth and ruled the kingdom of his grandfather. Because Dior's treasuries held a Silmaril, the Sons of Fëanor assailed the citadel of Menegroth to recover it. There Dior was slain, and the kingdom ended.

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