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The Heavy Hand

The title of Mablung of Doriath

Mablung was the chief captain of King Thingol of Doriath, and was commonly known to history as Mablung of the Heavy Hand. His title refers to the part he played in the Hunting of the Wolf, when Thingol led his greatest hunters in pursuit of Carcharoth, the great Wolf that had consumed Beren's hand while it held a Silmaril taken from Morgoth's Iron Crown. After Carcharoth was slain, Mablung stepped forward to recover the hand of Beren and the Jewel that it held, but he found them to be far heavier than they appeared, and let them fall to the ground.

'The Heavy Hand' was not merely a title of Mablung, but the literal translation of his name. According to one tradition, he had been given this name prophetically long before, but other sources suggest that he only became known as Mablung after the incident of the Heavy Hand.

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