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The Forsaken People

A branch the Teleri, who were the followers of their lord Elwë Singollo. Near the end of the Great Journey, while the Teleri waited in Beleriand for Ulmo to draw them across the Sea, Elwë became lost. When at last Ulmo carried the rest of their people away on the island of Tol Eressëa, the people of Elwë remained behind, still seeking their lord.

After the departure of the other Teleri, Elwë was at last discovered: he had been enchanted within the wood of Nan Elmoth by Melian the Maia. As King and Queen, Elwë and Melian created the forest kingdom of Doriath in the heart of Beleriand, and the Forsaken Elves became the people known to history as the Sindar.

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