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Formed in the destruction of the Lamp Illuin in very ancient times.
Used to transport the Eldar to Aman three ages before the Darkening of Valinor, after which it remained in the Undying Lands.
Originally in the middle of the Great Sea, but eventually anchored off the eastern coast of Aman
to'l ere'sse-a
'Lonely island'1
Other Names
The Lonely Isle, The Lost Isle
This island's name is often shortened to just 'Eressëa'


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Tol Eressëa

The Lonely Isle

The Lonely Isle of the Elves of Aman, on which Ulmo brought the Elves to Valinor long ages before the rising of the Sun and Moon, and on which many still dwell within sight of the Blessed Realm.



The meaning of Eressëa's name, 'lonely island', comes from the later part of its history, after it was anchored alone in the Bay of Eldamar.

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