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Maiar of the Sea

A title for Ossë and Uinen

The collective name for the two Maiar in whose power lay the coastal waters of the sea. These two servants of Ulmo were spouses: Ossë and Uinen. Ossë had a tempestuous nature, and brought storms to the shorelands, but Uinen had to power to calm Ossë's raging waters.

Ossë A Maia of the coastal waters, said to be a bringer of storms. At one time Ossë was corrupted by Melkor, but his spouse Uinen returned him to the allegiance of the Valar, and especially his master Ulmo.
Uinen The spouse of Ossë, whose hair, it was said, passed through all the World's waters. As a bringer of calm, Uinen was an important Maia to the mariners of Middle-earth, and especially to the Númenóreans.

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