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In the closing years of the Second Age, the Faithful who remained loyal to the Elves were persecuted by the King's Men. Most prominent amongst these was Amandil the Lord of Andúnië, and to him the Eldar of Eressëa brought a precious gift: seven Seeing-stones to aid the Faithful. We're told little of the use of the Stones in Númenor, except that they were kept secret by their keepers (which is hardly surprising given their oppressive circumstances). After Amandil sailed into the West, these palantíri passed to his son Elendil, and when Elendil set out from Númenor he took three of them them with him aboard his own ship, and gave his sons two each. After the Downfall these ships were driven onto the shores of Middle-earth, and the Seeing-stones were set in the lands founded by their holders. In the North, Elendil's three palantíri became the Stones of Arnor, while the four held by Isildur and Anárion became the Stones of Gondor the South-kingdom.

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