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The hill on which Tar-Minastir's tower stood

A hill in the Andustar region of Númenor, rising near the city of Andúnië on the western coasts. Tar-Minastir, the sixth King of Númenor, built a tower there to look out westwards over the Sea, so that he could glimpse the sails of the Eldar, and even the shores of Tol Eressëa itself in the faint distance.

Over the centuries that followed, the Númenóreans fell away from their friendship with the Eldar. Near the end of Númenor's history, King Tar-Palantir repented and turned back to the old ways, but by his time the Eldar had long since abandoned the Númenóreans. Like his ancestor Tar-Minastir, Tar-Palantir would stare out to sea from the top of the tower on Oromet, but he never saw the sail of an Elven-ship, and the distant shores of the Lonely Isle were lost to sight.

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