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At least some Elves existed partially on the other side, as did the Ringwraiths and bearers of at least some Rings of Power
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The Other Side

The realm of the unknown

A little-known hidden side to reality, apparently synonymous with the notion of the Wraith-world. Certain beings existed in both realms, notably the Ringwraiths (who were invisible in the normal world, but had visible forms on the other side). This was an effect of their Rings of Power, and similarly the One Ring could draw its bearer partially across the threshold, making them invisible and allowing them to see into the hidden domain.

The other side was not merely the preserve of the Dark Lord and his works. While under the power of the Ring, its bearer was able to see a different aspect to at least some Elves (as Frodo saw Glorfindel as a shining figure when he wore the Ring). A passage relating to the Downfall of Númenor in Akallabêth hints at even greater importance of the domain on the other side: '...Valinor and Eressëa were taken from [the World] into the realm of hidden things.' The precise meaning of this passage is not explained, but 'the realm of hidden things' seems to correspond closely with the idea of the other side or the Wraith-world; if that is true, then it was on the other side that Valinor could still be found in the West-that-was.

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