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Built during the Years of the Trees, long before the first rising of the Sun; presumably still exists
On the Bay of Eldamar on the eastern shores of Aman
Built by the Teleri of Aman under their lord Olwë
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The haven of the Teleri in Aman

Map of the Swanhaven

Alqualondë, the capital and harbour city of the Teleri in Aman, built on the coastlands of the Bay of Eldamar to the north of the outer opening of the Calacirya. The streets of the city were lit by lamps under the starlit skies, and its halls, including the seat of Olwë its ruler, were of pearl that the Elves had gathered from the Bay. Across the mouth of the Swanhaven was a great arch of rock.

'Swanhaven' is a direct translation of the Elvish name Alqualondë, though in English the form 'Haven of the Swans' is rather more common. The name most likely derives from the ships of the Teleri that moored there, whose prows were carved as the necks and heads of swans. This practice in turn was no doubt influenced by the swans that drew the vessels of the Teleri to the shores of Aman from their former home on Tol Eressëa.

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