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The Fair

A title of Celegorm, and others

The title and surname of Celegorm, the third son of Fëanor. This title was a popular one: it was also used of Fëanor's step-mother Indis; Sam Gamgee's daughter, Elanor; Éomer's son Elfwine; Hirluin, the lord of Pinnath Gelin; and still others besides.

Arwen The daughter of Elrond, said to be the noblest and fairest maiden in Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age.
Boromir The son of Denethor of Gondor, slain by Orcs at Parth Galen.
Celegorm The third of Fëanor's seven sons. According to early texts, he was known as 'the Fair' because of his light hair, and though the Sons of Fëanor were later conceived as having dark hair, Celegorm's title remained.
Elanor The daughter of Sam Gamgee and Rose Cotton, who went on to become one of Arwen's maids.
Elendil The mighty son of Amandil, who saved the last remnant of Númenor and founded the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.
Elfwine The son of Éomer Éadig, who succeeded his father to become the nineteenth King of Rohan.
Gilraen The daughter of Dírhael of the Northern Dúnedain, who wed Arathorn and became the mother of Aragorn.
Hirluin A lord of Pinnath Gelin in the west of Gondor, who was slain in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
Indis A maiden of the Vanyar, who became the second wife of Finwë, and mother to his sons Fingolfin and Finarfin.
Lúthien The daughter of Thingol and Melian the Maia, and said to be the fairest of all the Children of Ilúvatar ever to live.
Nimloth The White Tree of the King's Court in Númenor, grown from a seedling of Celeborn of Tol Eressëa. Nimloth was destroyed by Sauron, but Isildur saved one of its fruit, and so grew a seedling from which all the White Trees of Gondor were descended.
Tirion The white city of the Eldar in Aman, built on the hill of Túna in the Pass of Light, in the days when the Light of the Two Trees still shone through the Mountains of Aman.

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