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Established at the foundation of Gondor in II 3320, the line of White Trees was interrupted in III 2872, but resumed in III 3019 and continued into the Fourth Age
The court of Minas Anor (later renamed Minas Tirith)
A seedling of Nimloth, the White Tree of Númenor, grown from a fruit captured by Isildur
Other names
White Tree of the Eldar; after the last known White Tree died in III 2872, it was left standing, and became known as the Dead Tree


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White Tree of Minas Tirith

A reminder of lost Númenor

The White Tree
of Númenor
White Tree of Isildur
in Minas Ithil
First White Tree
of Minas Tirith
(died III 1636)
Second White Tree
of Minas Tirith
(died III 2872)
(The Dead Tree)
Third White Tree
of Minas Tirith
(planted III 3019)

White Trees

A title of any of various white trees that grew in the courts of Minas Tirith, descended from Nimloth of Númenor, and ultimately (it is said) from Telperion itself.

I III 2 - III 1636 (1,634 years)
The original White Tree of Middle-earth grew in Minas Ithil, but was destroyed in II 3429 when Sauron took that fortress. Isildur escaped with a seedling, which he planted in the courts of Minas Anor. The White Tree that grew there lasted through many centuries, but finally died at the time of the Dark Plague, at the same time as King Telemnar.
II III 1640 - III 28721 (1,232 years)
After four years, the new King of Gondor, Tarondor, planted a seedling of the first White Tree in place of the original. This second tree survived through Tarondor's own reign, and through the reigns of six Kings who came after him. It lived on after the end of the line of Kings, until the time of Belecthor II, the twenty-first Ruling Steward. When Belecthor died, the White Tree died soon afterwards.
The Dead Tree III 2872 - III 3019 (147 years)
The second White Tree left no seedlings, and so could not be replaced. Instead, Belecthor's heir Thorondir left it standing in the courts of Minas Tirith as a Dead Tree. It remained there for nearly a century and a half, through the rule of Thorondir and four further Stewards.
III From III 3019
After the War of the Ring, Gandalf guided Aragorn to a barren slope of Mindolluin behind MInas Tirith, where he discovered a sapling of the White Tree. The Dead Tree was then removed to the Silent Street, and the sapling was planted in its place in the Court of the Fountain.



Many earlier editions of The Lord of the Rings give an incorrect date for the death of the second White Tree; the Tale of Years in those editions wrongly shows III 2852, whereas the correct date of III 2872 is well established. This error is corrected in later editions.


About this entry:

  • Updated 9 July 2009
  • Updates planned: 2

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