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Third Company of the Citadel

A company of the Guards of the White Tower

One of the companies that made up the Guards of the Citadel, soldiers of Gondor whose duty was to protect the highest tier of Minas Tirith, from which the Steward ruled his realm. Uniquely in the city, this Guard went armoured in the livery of Elendil: a blossoming White Tree beneath a silver crown and stars on a field of black. That actual White Tree had once been part of their charge, though at the time of the War of the Ring the tree had been dead for a century and a half.

It was in the Third Company of the Guard that Beregond served, and through him Peregrin Took was introduced to the entire company and told them of his adventures. At that time, at least, the Third Company was charged with standing guard from noon to sundown, which implies that there were probably four companies in total to maintain a guard on the Citadel throughout the day and night.

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