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Light of the Trees

The silver and golden Light of Aman

The light that shone from Telperion and Laurelin, the Trees of Silver and Gold, during the glorious Noontide of Valinor. The colour and intensity of the light shifted as the Trees waxed and waned: sometimes it was the silver of Telperion, sometimes the gold of Laurelin, and sometimes a mingling of the two.

The Light of the Two Trees did more than simply illuminate the land of the Valar, it conveyed a recognisable blessing and power on the inhabitants of the land. That blessing remained for a time even outside Aman, so that when the Valar and Ainur travelled to Middle-earth, it continued to shine from their faces. Even the Noldor, after they exiled themselves from Valinor, still showed the Light of Aman in their eyes for a time after their return to Middle-earth.

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