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Outside the western gates of Valmar in Valinor
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The Ring of Doom before the gates of Valmar

Map of the Máhanaxar
The Máhanaxar before the gates of Valmar (conjectural)

The Ring of Doom outside the golden western gates of the city of the Valar. Here the Powers gathered to hold their great councils, bathed in the light of the Two Trees while those Trees still stood, and here some of the most momentous decisions of Arda's history were made.



At least according to notes on the Valarin language, the name Máhanaxar was a contraction of the original name used by the Valar themselves, which was said to be Máχananaškād. That word in turn derived from Máχallām 'throne' and akašān, 'law, commandment', so literally Máhanaxar meant 'thrones of the law' or 'thrones of doom', but it is universally translated as 'Ring of Doom' or 'Doom-ring' (where 'ring' describes the arrangement of the thrones of the Valar).

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