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The term 'Deep Elves' appears once in The Hobbit, but there it is spelt 'Deep-elves'. The two versions are synonymous.


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Deep Elves

A name for the Noldor

"Next came the Noldor, a name of wisdom, the people of Finwë. They are the Deep Elves, the friends of Aulë; and they are renowned in song..."
Quenta Silmarillion 3
Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor

A rarely-used name for the Noldor, the division of the Elves that Finwë led into Valinor.

'Deep' is here used in the sense of 'profound' or 'wise'; the Noldor were considered the most learned and inventive of the Eldar; the great Vala Aulë taught them much during their time in Aman.

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