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The Falas was destroyed by Morgoth in I 4731
The western shorelands of Beleriand, around the mouths of the Rivers Brithon and Nenning
A remnant of the Teleri who chose to remain in Beleriand rather than travel to Aman
Falas means 'Shore'
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Elves of the Falas

The coastland Elves of Beleriand

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In ancient days, the Telerin Elves dwelt for long years in Beleriand, and they learned much from Ossë, a Maia of the Sea. When Ossë's master Ulmo conducted the most part of the Teleri into the West, Ossë persuaded some few to remain behind. They settled on Beleriand's western shores, building themselves Havens at Brithombar and Eglarest. Círdan was their leader, and they were known as the Falathrim, or Elves of the Falas, the first builders and sailors of ships in Middle-earth's history.

After the Return of the Noldor, the Elves of the Falas became fast in friendship with the Deep Elves. With Finrod's aid, the Havens of the Falas were strengthened and rebuilt. They fought beside the Noldor, too: in the Dagor Bragollach, their mariners rescued High King Fingon from overwhelming hordes in Hithlum, and they went to the aid of Fingon again at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

After the disaster of the Nirnaeth, many of the survivors fled back to the Havens of the Falas, but they were not safe there for long. A year after the great defeat, Morgoth sent his creatures to besiege them, and both the Havens were overthrown. Most of the Elves of the Falas perished in the fall of the Havens, or were captured, but Círdan escaped. With his surviving followers, he sailed southwards, and settled for a time on the Isle of Balar. He maintained a haven there for many years, before removing once again to Lindon, where he dwelt at the Grey Havens with, doubtless, a remnant of the Falathrim.



Though the Havens were destroyed at this time, many of the Elves of the Falas escaped by Sea, and some survived at least until the end of the Third Age. Círdan, the keeper of the Grey Havens at the time of the War of the Ring, was originally the lord of this people.

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