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Founded before the rising of the Sun; overrun by Morgoth in I 473
On the western shorelands of Beleriand, at the mouths of the Rivers Brithon and Nenning
Settlements of Teleri who remained behind when their fellows travelled to Aman
Falas means 'Shore'
Other names
Havens of the Shipwrights


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Havens of the Falas

The sea-cities of Círdan

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Brithombar and Eglarest, the harbour-cities of Círdan the Shipwright in the coastlands of the Falas in West Beleriand.

Brithombar The northern and western Haven, Brithombar stood at the mouth of the river Brithon, from which it took its name. The Haven stood on a narrow bay that ran southwestwards into the Great Sea, and the tower of Barad Nimras was built on the headland that formed the southern extremity of this bay.
Eglarest Eglarest lay some seventy-five miles to the east and south of Brithombar, built on the ravine that formed at the mouth of the river Nenning. As at Brithombar, the river's waters emptied into a long narrow inlet of the sea that led southeastwards from the Haven.

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