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golo'thrim ('th' as in English 'these')
Approximately 'people with deep knowledge'
Other names
Golodhrim is a plural term for this entire people; the singular form is Golodh


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A Sindarin name for the Deep Elves

The Sindarin word golodh referred to one who was learned or possessed deep knowledge. With the suffix -rim ('people') it became attached, at least east of the Sea, to that people known more commonly as the Noldor. When referring to several of these Elves, rather than the entire people, the plural form was gelydh, as seen in the name Annon-in-Gelydh, the gate built by the Noldor of Nevrast.

While in principle Golodhrim was linguistically equivalent to the name Noldor, historically the use of the word came to mark a political divide in Beleriand. Among the Sindar, the term was used especially by those such as Thingol and his followers, who opposed the incoming Noldor and wished to emphasise that they belonged to a different branch of the Elves. Among those friendlier to the Noldor, and among the Noldor themselves when speaking Sindarin, it therefore developed a rather negative connotation, and was not generally used.

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