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The followers of Ingwë

"...Faerie in the West. There the Light-elves and the Deep-elves and the Sea-elves went and lived for ages, and grew fairer and wiser and more learned..."
The Hobbit 8 Flies and Spiders

A name given to the Vanyar, the kindred of the Elves who came first to Valinor and dwelt long ages in the light of the Two Trees.

This is an old and rare term, used just once in The Hobbit - as quoted above - and never again in any canonical source. This is probably to avoid confusion with 'Elves of the Light', the Calaquendi, of whom the Light-elves formed just one part, together with the Noldor and many of the Teleri (the Deep-elves and Sea-elves mentioned in The Hobbit).

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