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Millennia before the beginning of the First Age1


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Great Journey

The journey of the Eldar into the West

The journey of the Eldar from Cuiviénen across Middle-earth and the Great Sea to Aman, there to dwell with the Valar in Valinor. Many of the Teleri turned aside during the journey, but the Three Kindreds of the Vanyar, the Noldor and the remaining Teleri came at last to the Undying Lands.



The Annals of Aman in volume 10 of The History of Middle-earth give us some definite dates for the Journey. The Vanyar and the Noldor took nearly two centuries to travel from Cuiviénen to Beleriand, while the Teleri took about thirty years longer. The Journey was completed more than 3,500 years before the first rising of the Sun. (Because this was long before the making of the Sun, the values shown here are converted to solar years from the much longer 'Valian Years' used in the Annals.)

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