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The Singers

Elves of the Third Clan

The largest of the three clans of the Elves who set out on the Great Journey were also the slowest moving, and among the other clans - the Vanyar and the Noldor - they became known as the Teleri, signifying the last-comers. This is the name by which they are usually known in histories, but it was not their own name for themselves. They preferred to call themselves the Lindar, which translates as the 'Singers'. From the beginning they had been fascinated with the music of the waters of Ulmo, and learning from that music, the songs of the Singers were said to have been sad, but full of enchantment.

Many of the people of the Singers did not complete the journey into the West, settling instead in Eriador and Beleriand. One group of these Elves founded a realm in the woods on the western banks of Anduin, naming it Lindórinand, 'Vale of the Land of the Singers'. This was the land that would become known as Lórien, and its founders would give rise to the Galadhrim who dwelt there in the Third Age.

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