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Awoke at Cuiviénen; some are presumably still extant
Various, including Avari, Nandor and Sindar1
Other Names
The Dark Elves are often equated with the Avari, who refused the summons of the Valar and remained in the darkness of Middle-earth. This is not strictly correct; 'Dark Elves' also include those such as the Nandor and Sindar who started the Great Journey to Valinor, but never came there.


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Dark Elves

Elves who never saw the Two Trees

The Moriquendi, those Elves who refused the summons of the Valar to Valinor, or fell away on the Great Journey, and never saw the light of the Two Trees.



The Sindarin King, Elu Thingol, was not counted among the Dark Elves; he had travelled to Valinor and seen the light of the Two Trees, though he returned and dwelt in Middle-earth.

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