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Emerged during the Years of the Trees, after the other Teleri left Middle-earth for Aman
Found throughout Beleriand, but ruled from Doriath
The remnant of the Teleri who remained in Middle-earth to search for their lord, Elwë
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Elves of the Twilight

A name for the Sindar

A name for the Sindar or Grey-elves. In origin these were Teleri who made the Great Journey to the western shores of the Middle-earth, but they remained in Beleriand seeking their lost lord Elwë rather than travel across the Great Sea into the West. Thus they were strictly Dark Elves, as they never saw the Light of the Trees, but Elwë (who returned to lead them) had been to Valinor, and his Queen Melian was one of the Maiar. Thus the Sindar were the highest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-earth, and they were known as Elves of the Twilight rather than Elves of the Darkness.

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