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Elwë Singollo was slain in I 502
From sindacollo meaning 'grey cloak'
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Elwë, better known as Elu Thingol


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An old form of the name Thingol

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An ancient Elvish title deriving from Sindacollo and meaning 'Greycloak' or 'Greymantle'. In the earliest days of the Elves it was used as a surname for Elwë, who with his brother Olwë led the Teleri, largest of the Three Kindreds of the Eldar. Elwë was one of those who travelled to Valinor as an ambassador of his people, and on his return encouraged them to make the Great Journey into the West, intending to lead them there himself. Passing through Beleriand, however, he encountered Melian in the woods of Nan Elmoth and became transfixed. His people searched the lands for him, but failing to find him, many regretfully followed his brother Olwë across the Great Sea.

Eventually Elwë and Melian emerged from Nan Elmoth, and became the greatest rulers of the Teleri who remained in Middle-earth. The people of Elwë, the Sindar or Grey-elves, took their name (at least according to some accounts) from his surname Singollo. Elwë ruled in Doriath under the stars for three ages before the first rising of the Sun and Moon, and in that time the tongue of the Sindar shifted and changed from its original form. By the time of the Return of the Noldor, the original Elwë Singollo had become Sindarin Elu Thingol, and it is by that name that the King of Doriath is known throughout the histories of the Wars of Beleriand.

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