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Made some time before I 1261. Destroyed at the end of the First Age
The northwest of Dor-lómin, leading westward into the Cirith Ninniach
Made by craftsmen of Turgon from Nevrast
A stream flowed through the Gate from the east and on into Cirith Ninniach beyond it
Other names
Noldor is pronounced 'no'ldorr'


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Gate of the Noldor


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A gateway in the mountains between northern Nevrast and Hithlum, built by the Noldor who followed Turgon in the earliest years of the First Age. After Turgon's departure to Gondolin, the Gate was lost, but it was rediscovered and used centuries later by Tuor in his escape from the oppressed lands of Hithlum.



Turgon and his people abandoned Nevrast for Gondolin in about the year I 126, so the Gate cannot have been built after that date. Turgon's craftsmen, though, had been working on the Hidden City for about seventy years before this, and it seems unlikely that they would have left that work to build the Gate. Most likely, then, is a construction date some time before this, in the first fifty years of the First Age.

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