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Completed c. II 1590. With the destruction of the One Ring in III 3019, the Three Rings lost their power.
Made by Celebrimbor and the Mírdain of Eregion


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Three Rings

Nenya, Narya and Vilya

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Nenya, Narya and Vilya; the only three of the Rings of Power to be made wholly outside the influence of Sauron. Their power maintained the realms of the Elves in Middle-earth until the destruction of the Ruling Ring.

Narya The Red Ring, The Ring of Fire
Both Narya and Vilya were sent north by Celebrimbor to protect them from the imminent coming of Sauron. They were received by Gil-galad, who passed the Red Ring - so called because it was set with a ruby - to Círdan of Mithlond. Círdan kept Narya until the arrival of the Wizards in Middle-earth in about the year III 1000, when he chose to grant the Ring to Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf bore the Ring in secret throughout the rest of the Third Age, and when the Three Rings lost their power at the end of that Age, he carried it back across the Great Sea aboard the White Ship.
Nenya The White Ring, The Ring of Water
The gem set in the Ring Nenya was a diamond, and so, besides its other names, it is sometimes referred to as the Ring of Adamant. Unlike Narya and Vilya, Nenya was not sent north to Gil-galad, but instead given to Galadriel for safekeeping. After the loss of the One Ring at the beginning of the Third Age, Galadriel was able to tap the White Ring's power, and at least during the later part of that Age, she used that power to preserve the land of Lórien from the passing of time. Like the other Rings, Nenya lost its power at the end of the Third Age, and Galadriel took it with her when she returned into the West.
Vilya The Blue Ring, The Ring of Air
Known as the Blue Ring because it was set with a sapphire, Vilya was sent north to Gil-galad with the Red Ring Narya. When it was decided that Elrond should found a refuge and outpost in eastern Eriador, Gil-galad passed the Ring to him, and so it was borne by Elrond at the building of Rivendell. There it was kept throughout the remainder of the Second Age and the entirety of the Third. After the destruction of the One Ring, Elrond took Vilya aboard the White Ship, and thus all three of the Rings of the Elves were taken into the West.

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