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The Three Rings were completed c. II 1590; the Keepers and their Rings passed into the West III 3021
The Three Rings were made by Celebrimbor and the Mírdain of Eregion
Two Elves descended from the Noldor,1 and one Maia
Two of the Three Rings were held in Rivendell and Lórien


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The Keepers of the Three Rings of the Elves, a term used particularly to refer to the those who held the Rings at the end of the Third Age, and departed over the Sea with them. The Three Keepers were Elrond (who kept Vilya, the Ring of Air), Galadriel (the keeper of Nenya, the Ring of Water) and Gandalf (who kept Narya, the Ring of Fire).

Elrond Elrond bore Vilya, the Ring of Air. He was given his Ring by King Gil-galad when he set out to found a refuge in Eriador, and with it he maintained that refuge - Rivendell - through the later half of the Second Age and the entirety of the Third.
Galadriel Galadriel bore Nenya, the Ring of Water. She was the first of the Three Keepers to receive a Ring of Power, having been given it directly by its maker, Celebrimbor. She used its power to protect the land of Lórien, where she dwelt until the end of the Third Age.
Gandalf Gandalf bore Narya, the Ring of Fire. Long before Gandalf came to Middle-earth, Gil-galad had given this Ring to Círdan, but Círdan in turn passed it on to Gandalf when he arrived at the Grey Havens in about the year III 1000. Using its power, the Wizard was able to bring hope to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.



As a daughter of Finarfin, Galadriel was clearly one of the earliest generations of the Noldor. Elrond's descent was more complicated: he came from the Noldor through his ancestor Turgon, but he could also trace his line back to the Vanyar, the Sindar, the Edain and even to Melian the Maia.

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