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One of the many names given to Men by the Elves. The Elves were the Elder Children of Ilúvatar, and had been born into Middle-earth millennia before the Awakening of Men. Nonetheless it was fated that the Elves would eventually have to abandon Middle-earth and pass into the West, leaving the mortal lands to Men, the Younger Children. Many of the Elves wished to remain, and notably used the Three Rings of the Elves to hold back the long passing of the years while they dwelt east of the Sea, but with the destruction of the One Ring at the closing of the Third Age, the Three Rings also failed.

After this time began the period known as the Dominion of Men, and those few Elves who remained in Middle-earth faded as the Secondborn became utterly dominant in the lands east of the Sea. It was for this reason that the Elves named Men the 'Usurpers', for they were destined to usurp the lands in which the Elves had awakened long before.

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