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Second People

Men, the Aftercomers

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The Second People
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The descent of the major branches of the race of Men and related peoples. Note that, though the Drúedain and Hobbits are established as belonging to branches of the race of Men, and must therefore have descended from the first people to have awoken in Hildórien, the precise details of their descent remain unknown.

The descent of the Northmen was rather more involved than this simple diagram can show. For more on this subject, see the entry for 'Northmen'.

A name for the race of Men, given because that people awoke long after the Firstborn Elves. 'Second People' is a translation of Quenya Atani (or Sindarin Edain) which originally applied to all Men, though later they were normally used only for those Men of the Three Houses who aided the Elves in their wars against Morgoth. An alternative Elvish name for Men, Hildor, shared a similar derivation, meaning 'the Followers' or 'the Aftercomers', again alluding to the fact that Men were the Secondborn Children of Ilúvatar.

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