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Completed c.II 1590. Passed into the West with Elrond 29 September III 3021
Made by Celebrimbor and the Mírdain of Eregion
At first held by Gil-galad in Lindon, but taken to Rivendell by Elrond where he held it from II 1697
The Ring's maker Celebrimbor was of the Noldor, as was its first Keeper Gil-galad; its later Keeper Elrond was Half-elven
'Blue' refers to the blue sapphire of the Ring
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Blue Ring

Mightiest of the Three Rings

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Vilya, one of the Three Rings of the Elves, and said to be the mightiest of those three Elven-rings. In form it was a golden ring set with a blue sapphire, hence the name Blue Ring, but it had other names besides: the Ring of Air and, naturally, the Ring of Sapphire. Its maker Celebrimbor sent it originally to King Gil-galad in Lindon, but Gil-galad passed it on to Elrond to aid the founding of Rivendell. At the end of the Third Age, Elrond had borne the Blue Ring for nearly five thousand years.

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