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Created after the coming of the Elves to Valinor during the Years of the Trees1
In Eldamar, near the eastern end of the Calacirya, the Pass of Light that led into Valinor
Associated with the Calacirya, the Pass of Light
Probably 'land (or region) of the Pass of Light'


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A region near the Pass of Light

"..through the Calacirian
to hidden land forlorn he went.
Bilbo's Song of Eärendil
The Fellowship of the Ring II 2
Many Meetings

The region leading into the pass through the mountains of the Pelóri that led from the shores of the Great Sea westward towards Valinor. Its name derives from the Elvish for 'Pass of Light', a reference to the light of the Two Trees that shone through the pass in the days before the Sun and Moon.



The Annals of Aman in volume 10 of The History of Middle-earth gives an exact date for the making of the pass of the Calacirya: Valian Year 1133, or about 3,517 years before the first rising of the Sun. Presumably the region known as the Calacirian came into being, or at least gained its name, at the same date.

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