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Some unknown time in the future
dah'gor dah'gorath
'Battle of Battles'2
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Dagor Dagorath

The Last Battle

The prophesied final battle between the forces of light and darkess, called the Last Battle, in which Morgoth will return and suffer his final and ultimate defeat.



All the references we have to the Dagor Dagorath itself refer to events in Aman, and specifically in Valinor. However, since the Last Battle is related to the unmaking of Arda at the end of time, the consequences of the battle would presumably affect every part of the World.


Dagor is the Elvish word for 'battle' (as, for instance, in Dagorlad, 'Battle Plain'), and dagorath is simply a plural form (meaning 'a very large number of battles'). A more figurative, but perhaps more accurate, translation might be 'Battle to end all Battles'.

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