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Before the western gates of the city of Valmar in Valinor
Apparently from Valarin Ezellóχár, probably meaning 'Green Mound'1
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The Green Mound of the Two Trees

Map of Ezellohar
The location of Ezellohar (conjectural)

The Green Mound before the western gates of Valmar, also called Corollairë, where the Two Trees of Valinor grew.



Ezellohar is one of the few words from the language of the Valar to be transmitted literally through the Silmarillion tradition. Most of the other examples we have are the names of the Valar and Maiar themselves, but in these cases the names are typically simplified and translated into Elvish forms, so (for example) Tulukhastáz ('golden-haired') became the more familiar Tulkas.

Unlike these common cases, Ezellohar is almost identical to its original Valarin form. Unfortunately we don't have an explicit translation of the word, but we do know that ezel(la) was 'green' in Valarin, and a full meaning of 'Green Mound' is strongly implied.

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