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Created soon after the coming of the Valar to Valinor; destroyed shortly before the first rising of the Sun
On the mound of Ezellohar, to the west of Valmar
Made by Yavanna and Nienna
Valar is pronounced 'va'larr'
Valar means 'Powers'
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Conjectural map of the Two Trees of the Valar
The Two Trees of the Valar (conjectural)1

An occasional term for the two great Light-giving trees more usually called the Two Trees of Valinor. After the Valar came to Valinor in the West, Yavanna caused the Trees to grow from a green mound, and Nienna watered them with her tears, and so they gave rise to Telperion the White Tree and Laurelin the Golden Tree. Their silver and golden Light filled Valinor for three ages, until Melkor was unchained and escaped the Valar. Allying himself with Ungoliant, he returned and destroyed the Two Trees, bringing about the Darkening of Valinor. The Valar were able to save just a single silver flower of Telperion and a single golden fruit of Laurelin, from which they made the Moon and the Sun.

For fuller details of the Trees, see the entry for Two Trees of Valinor, and also the individual entries for Telperion and Laurelin.



We know very little about the geographical location of the Two Trees, other than the fact that they grew to the west of the city of Valmar. This map is therefore necessarily highly speculative.

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