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Maedhros, the earliest holder of this title, was born in Valinor during the Years of the Trees; Húrin of the Keys, the latest, died in the early Fourth Age
One Elf and three Men
Maedhros was of the Noldor; Galdor was of the Edain; Boromir and Elendil (and also presumably Húrin of the Keys) were Dúnedain
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The Tall

A title for the loftiest of heroes

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A title used of Maedhros the son of Fëanor, Galdor of Dor-lómin and Elendil of Númenor. Also applied, in later times, to Boromir the heir of Denethor, and also to Húrin, Warden of the Keys of Minas Tirith.

The use of the word 'Tall' in the context of earlier ages implies a very considerable height indeed. For example, we know that Elendil was two-and-a-half rangar tall, or 7' 10" (2.39m). Even at that height, Elendil was not the tallest of the Children of Ilúvatar: that distinction belonged to Elu Thingol of Doriath. Given Elendil's extraordinary height, Thingol must have been a towering presence, though he was never directly given the title 'the Tall'.

Boromir The only record we have of Boromir being known as 'Boromir the Tall' occurs in Aragorn's lament for him after his death at Parth Galen. It's unclear whether this was actually a title used of him in life, or simply it was simply given by Aragorn within his funeral words.
Elendil Elendil the Tall was the hero who led the Exiles of Númenor away from the Downfall, and founded the Two Kingdoms in Middle-earth, becoming the first High King of Arnor and Gondor. He is the only one of those bearing the title 'Tall' for whom we have an exact height: Elendil was no less than 7' 10" tall, or 2.39m.
Galdor The eldest son of Hador Lórindol, and Lord of Dor-lómin after his father's death. The Men of Hador's line were famously tall (with the noted exception of Galdor's son Húrin), so to earn the explicit title 'The Tall', Galdor himself must have been of considerable stature.
Húrin Húrin son of Galdor may not have been as tall as his ancestors but his namesake, Húrin of Gondor, rose to a notable height. This later Húrin lived in the Third Age, long after the original Húrin, and held the position of Warden of the Keys in the city of Minas Tirith.
Maedhros Most of Fëanor's sons had their own epithet: for example, Maglor the mighty singer, Celegorm the Fair, Caranthir the Dark, and so on. Maedhros, the eldest of the seven, was known as Maedhros the Tall, and so presumably was at least notably taller than his six brothers.

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