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Founded II 3320; the North-kingdom was divided in III 861 and lost III 1974; reunited III 30191
Founded by Elendil and his sons
Ruled by the House of Elendil
Numerous; the capital in the North was at Annúminas and later Fornost; in the South the capital was at Osgiliath and later Minas Tirith
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Arnor and Gondor, the twin Kingdoms founded before the beginning of the Third Age by Elendil and his sons Isildur and Anárion. The Kingdoms, and especially the South-kingdom of Gondor, came to dominate the history of that Age.



The timeline for this entry shows a gap between III 1974 (the loss of Arthedain, the last remnant of the North-kingdom) and III 3019 (when Aragorn re-established the rule of the Two Kingdoms). The kingdom of Gondor in the South survived during this time, though for most of this period it was ruled by a Steward, and so the term 'kingdom' is open to question even there.

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