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Ethraid Engrin

An old name for the Fords of Isen

In the early years of the Third Age, the northwest of Middle-earth was dominated by two mighty Númenórean Kingdoms, Arnor in the north and Gondor in the south. Between them lay a narrow land that properly belonged to neither kingdom, known as Enedwaith. Through this land ran a road built by the Númenórean Exiles to connect their realms. A traveller journeying southward through Enedwaith along the North-South Road would eventually come to the point where it crossed the River Isen (then known by its Elvish name of 'Angren'). The crossing of the Fords of Isen - the Ethraid Engrin as they were known in those times - marked the point of entry into the southern land of Gondor.

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