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Known as the 'Gap of Rohan' from the foundation of Rohan in III 2510
Between the southern end of the Misty Mountains and the northern reaches of the White Mountains
Guarded by Isengard to the north and the Hornburg to the south
The river Isen flowed southward and westward through the Gap
Important peaks
Methedras and Dol Baran marked the end of the Misty Mountains to the north; to the south the peaks of the Thrihyrne marked the beginning of the White Mountains
Rohan is pronounced 'ro'han'
Rohan means 'horse-land'
Other names
Originally called the Gap of Calenardhon


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Gap of Rohan

The breach between the Misty Mountains and the White

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Map of the Gap of Rohan

The great gap on the west of Rohan between the southern end of the Misty Mountains and the northernmost peaks of the White Mountains.

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