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Founded in III 2510. Still extant during the Fourth Age
North of Gondor
From Rochand, meaning 'horse-land'
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The wide land of the Rohirrim

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Originally the Gondorian province of Calenardhon, the land north of the White Mountains was gifted by Steward Cirion to Eorl of the Northmen in 2510 (Third Age). Eorl had led his men through great hardship from the far north to the aid of Gondor, and Cirion gave him the wide green lands of Calenardhon in recognition of his aid, swearing eternal friendship between old Gondor and the new land of Rohan.

Rohan's history was one of conflict and war; with the Orcs of the White Mountains, the Dunlendings to the west, and ultimately with Saruman in Orthanc, whose lands bordered Rohan to the north.

Nonetheless, the line of the Kings of Rohan stretched from Eorl's time to the War of the Ring and beyond. The Kings sat in the Golden Hall of Meduseld in Edoras, built by Eorl's son Brego. At the time of Gondor's greatest need, they kept the Oath of Eorl, and rode to the aid of their ancient allies at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

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