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The Three Hunters

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli

"Forth the Three Hunters!"
Aragorn leads the chase from Nen Hithoel
from The Two Towers III 1,
The Departure of Boromir

The name given by Aragorn to Gimli, Legolas and himself as they tracked the captors of Meriadoc and Peregrin through the Emyn Muil and across the northern regions of Rohan. The Three Hunters set out in the evening of 26 February III 3019, and chased their quarry for four days. As the Sun began to set on 30 February1, they overtook the Orcs they had been following, only to find that they had been destroyed by the Rohirrim. It would be another five days before the Three Hunters found the Hobbits they had chased across Middle-earth, sitting happily among the ruins of Isengard.



In the Shire Calendar, the second month of the year (equivalent to February, but properly called 'Solmath') was thirty days long.

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