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Known to be extant 3 March III 3019
Not explained, but presumably a reference to Firefoot's speed
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Equivalent to Elvish Narothal1


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The steed of Éomer

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The horse ridden by Éomer of the Rohirrim, at least on the journey from Edoras to Helm's Deep (during which Gimli was also a passenger on Firefoot's back). Firefoot is never specifically described, but we can probably gain an impression of the animal's appearance from the other horses of Éomer's éored: large and grey-coated with a braided mane and a long tail.



In the earliest drafts of The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf rides a horse with the Elvish name Narothal, which translates as 'Firefoot'. Tolkien abandoned this name in favour of 'Shadowfax', but his marginal notes suggest that he briefly considered making Firefoot the horse of Aragorn. Ultimately Firefoot was reduced to a brief appearance as Éomer's steed in The Two Towers.

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