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The eastern slopes of the southern Misty Mountains, to the north of Rohan
The rivers Limlaith and Onodló both flowed out of this forest
'Fangorn' means 'Treebeard', from the old Ent who dwelt in this forest
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Fangorn Forest

Last home of the Ents in the West of Middle-earth

Map of Fangorn Forest
A map of Fangorn Forest (somewhat speculative1)

A last remnant of the great forests of Eriador, lying in the southern foothills of the Misty Mountains, in which the Ents still dwelt during the Third Age.



The locations of Wellinghall and Derndingle are not well established. The text of The Lord of the Rings implies that Wellinghall was in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, but based on other sources, Treebeard's journey (from Treebeard's Hill) took him no further than sixty miles at the extreme, hardly sufficient distance to reach the Mountains themselves. This suggests that Wellinghall lay among rocky outcrops still some distance from the main peak of Methedras. Derndingle was south of Wellinghall, and could be reached in a matter of a few hours, placing it not far from the southern fringes of the Forest.

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