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One of the most ancient Ents, dating back to the time long before the first rising of the Sun; known to have survived until at least III 3019, Leaflock presumably lived on into the Fourth Age
Leaflock's name is a poetic translation of Finglas, literally meaning 'hair-leaf' (the 'lock' in 'Leaflock' is therefore used in the sense of a 'lock' of hair)
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An ancient Ent of Fangorn Forest

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The translated name of the old Ent known in Elvish as Finglas. Leaflock's name came from the fact that the Ent was covered in leafy hair ('lock' here is meant in the sense of a lock of hair). With Treebeard and Skinbark, Leaflock was one of only three Ents left at the end of the Third Age who could remember the ancient darkness of the First. By that time, Leaflock had become drowsy and begun to turn more tree-like: he would stand unmoving throughout the summer, and even in the winter he would rarely move.

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